November 05, 2019

Not Just A Solo Man: Nick Eng and Friends at the Silver Baron Lounge

"Self-proclaimed 'friendly neighborhood mod' Nick Eng, 22, jammed out at the Silver Baron Lounge with the Run Up, a local band featuring Aaron and Daniel Sion, and Steven Martin."

-Crystal Lugo, Insight Magazine 

August 07, 2019

Summer Album Reviews from Power Pop Plus

"Eng seems to be able to churn out this stuff like nobody’s business and I say good on him—retro isn’t a bad thing, especially when it’s done as well as this."

-John Borack, Goldmine Magazine

July 13, 2019

Nick Eng Faces Sentimental Frustration with Sublime Songs

"Although in his first work of 2018, Nick Eng delved into love with joy and passion, in this second album entitled Long Shot released this 2019 by You are The Cosmos, their songs are more introspective, they even tend to pessimism or anger as a result of some personal experience not exactly satisfactory."

-Alex Martí Puig, Magic Pop Magazine

April 17, 2019

Album Review: Nick Eng - Long Shot (2019)

"Nick Eng keeps the line of his debut with a bright seventies power-pop, provided with a neat and elaborate production."


- Juanjo Mestre, Exile Magazine 

April 11, 2019

Power Pop Plus: New CD Reviews for Spring

"On this self-titled effort [Eng] does it all by his lonesome, playing and singing ten simple, sweet and snappy little tunes that never fail to stick in the ‘ol noggin."

-John Borack, Goldmine Magazine 

April 04, 2019

Long Look

"Nick Eng, known locally for his upbeat, poppy and cheerful love songs, is writing from a different perspective for his sophomore album, Long Shot." 

-Andrea Heerdt, Reno News & Review 

March 25, 2019

College Dating Games Inspire Nick Eng’s New Pop-rock Album, ‘Long Shot’

"Brimming with jangly pop rockers (some that, yes, have that mid-’60s Fab Four vibe), it offers a more mature, introspective and — often — exasperated take on the trials and troubles of winning over the heart and mind of a prospective (and typically fickle) romantic partner than Eng’s previous songs that have garnered local radio play and fan streaming, such as, 'The One for You Is Me' and 'Reminiscing.'"

-Mike Sion, Reno Arts News

March 25, 2019

Reno Pop-rocker Nick Eng Breaks Down the Songs on his New Album, ‘Long Shot’

"Nick Eng breaks down the 10 tracks on his new album, Long Shot, to be released in CD and digital versions on April 6."

-Mike Sion, Reno Arts News

March 25, 2019

Power Pop Plus Best of 2018

"2018 was a fantastic year for music, so I felt it necessary to expand my usual top 10/top 20 to a top 30 this year. (Record labels are in parentheses.)"

-John Borack, Goldmine Magazine

December 26, 2018

RGJ Best Local Songs of 2018 Results: The Top 30 Music Entries

"A consummate and consistent professional on stage and in the studio, University of Nevada, Reno student Eng continues to craft pop-rock songs with early-1960s aesthetics that demand sweet sentiments and simple rhymes, straightforward top lines and clean guitar lines."

-Mike Sion, Reno Gazette Journal 

March 31, 2018

Reno Local Nick Eng To Open For BOYO

"Since performing in California and Virginia City, Reno native and singer/songwriter Nick Eng returns to the Holland Project to open up for pop singer BOYO on April 3."


-Alexis Scatena, Nevada Sagebrush

March 26, 2018

Nick Eng: Beyond the Classic Look

"...Eng is more than just his classic look." 

-Tanner Barrett, Insight Magazine 

March 06, 2018

Nick Eng - Power Pop Review

"Nick Eng comes out of nowhere –Reno, Nevada, actually – to give us a seriously good debut album appropriately titled Nick Eng."


-Richard Rossi, Power Pop News

January 09, 2018

Reno Songwriter Nick Eng Rocks Harder with Album-release Show Jan. 26

"Nick Eng — one of a handful of talented young Reno musicians producing original music and consistently playing professional gigs — is releasing his first official album of his irrepressibly catchy, poppy, self-penned rock songs at an all-ages CD-release show Jan. 26."

-Mike Sion, Reno Gazette Journal 

September 15, 2016

Roots Invasion: Nick Eng

"Nick Eng layers modern production over a Brit-pop sensibility."

-Anna Hart, Reno News and Review 

December 21, 2015

Top Original Local Songs of 2015

"'The One for You Is Me' is a smartly structured pop rocker with quick-arriving chorus, clean guitar lines and harmonies and rhyming boy-to-girl lyrics filled with youthful clarity."

-Mike Sion, Reno Gazette Journal 

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